For Home Buyers

Mistakes Every Home Buyer Should Avoid:

  1. Avoiding an inspection because you think it will save some money.
  2. Real estate values have generally risen steadily, with peaks and valleys, but in the the long term the trend is a consistent increase. This is referred to as equity build-up and is generally one of the most significant reasons people invest in a home.
    Having a home Inspected prior to purchase is a necessity and should not be avoided for any reason. Don’t make a bad decision in order to attempt to save a few dollars.

  3. Not hiring a buyer’s agent to represent you.
  4. Buyer’s agents have a fiduciary duty to you. That means they are loyal to only you and are obligated to look out for your best interests. Buyer’s agents can help you find the best home, the best lender and the best inspector. Also, in most cases, the buyer’s agent is paid out of the seller’s commission, even though he/she works for you. Remember, the success of the buyer’s broker depends on the success of their client.

  5. Hiring an Inspection Company because they are the least expensive.
  6. All the Inspectors in the state of Massachusetts MUST be licensed. They do not, however, have the same level of experience, professionalism or education. Evaluate the business before hiring them to do the inspection. Do they offer guaranteed satisfaction? Do they provide a warranty of any kind with their work? Is there a sample report available for you to evaluate on their website? Is it well written and does it include digital photographs? The answers to these questions will likely indicate the way they conduct their business.

Practice these three simple steps and you are on your way!